The Book Keeper is a simple and sculptural way to arrange and order your books. Use the Book Keeper in your living room, on your bedside table, in the kitchen or at your office desk.

Book Keeper is a Danish designed book storage unit that effectively makes it easy to display your favorite books in the most elegant way. It can often seem hard to find a book storage unit or book shelve that elegant and effortless can exhibit and display your dearest coffee table books.

The Book Keeper storage is available in black and white powder coated steel. This book storage unit is a two unit piece. The first piece is an open shelf (steel frame) that is placed above the base frame, which results in the obligatory oblique position that guarantees that your books are presented in a visually highly appealing position. 

Kristina Dam Studio offers a wide range of Scandinavian designed accessories, furniture and sculptures. All our products are designed in Copenhagen and produced within the European Union. This is our way to ensure high quality in materials, perfection in product details and keeping the CO2 emission as low as possible.

Material: Black Powder Coated Steel
Dimensions: 38 L x 27 W x 32 H cm

Delivery time: up to 4 weeks

Available on backorder

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 38 × 27 × 32 cm