Kristina Dam Setomono Bowl Set | Small


This tableware is made from fine stoneware and is inspired by traditional Japanese pottery. The 3 pieces can be stacked together to create a sculptural whole and are easily convertible to a table centerpiece.

Material: Fine Stoneware
Color: Off White
Bowl | 400 ml | 12 Ø x 9 H cm
Container | 400 ml | 12 Ø x 7,8 H cm
Side plate | 12 Ø x 1,8 H cm
The Setomono Bowl Set [Small] consists of three pieces of tableware: a bowl, a container/pot and a side plate. The three tableware pieces can be stacked and the side plate can be used as a lid for the pot if needed. Made of fine stoneware the small Setomono bowl set goes to the dishwasher and can be used to reheat your food in the microwave oven as well. Decorate your table with this simple, off-white tableware and cutlery from Kristina Dam Studios new tableware series. Everyday stoneware with a clear Scandinavian design – produced in Europe and design in Denmark like the rest of our collection.
All Setomono designs are color-glazed and burned twice for maximum strength and durability – and at the same time that treatment gives the Setomonos that soft look and smooth feel. Elevate your dining room and kitchen decorating with these stylish tableware sets – available in three different sizes offering you with a wide range of plates, cups, bowls and containers for every occasion.
Please be aware that due to the matte finish of this fine stoneware the Setomonos are more prone to scratches and marks from cutlery.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 18.6 cm