Kristina Dam Alumina Tealight Candleholder | Black


Alumina is a modern, sculptural and minimalist tealight candleholder. A simple and well proportioned black casted aluminum tealight holder perfect when arranged in groups around your home.

Black Casted Aluminum
11 D x 6 H cm
This black aluminum casted Alumina candleholder bring forth is a cool look for any modern, contemporary home decor. A almost archetypical design, the Alumina candleholder for tealights is made of slick black casted aluminum. The Alumina Tealight holder is a small yet perfect example of modern sculptural and minimalist design. It is simple and beautifully proportioned.
The soft, beautiful light that this Alumina tealight candle-holder reflects brings out a subtle ambience to any interior and any home. The Alumina candleholder is also a stunning wedding, birthday, anniversary or housewarming gift idea.
Form and function is pivotal in all products from Kristina Dam Studio. This small tealight candleholder is again a small celebration of simplicity and purity. Kristina Dam Design Studio offer a variety of furniture, sculptures and accessories.
Kristina Dam Studio products are made within the EU from genuine, honest and solid materials.

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Dimensions 11 × 6 cm