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The Brands we selected for You

  • Jul 31, 2021
Selected brands

We created Nordinary Home with the idea to help You choose the most interesting, sustainable and aesthetic pieces for Your home, Your studio, Your workplace, Your designs.  The pieces, which are made with durable and natural materials so they will last and increase in value with time. The pieces with an uncompromisable attention towards design,…

  • Gallery walls aren’t for galleries only…

    Your home is for you to relax and recharge – not really a place to have all the world’s problems exposed. Leaving the walls naked is not a good idea either, so let me share some tips on the “interior art” – the art that would define you, your personality, your space and wouldn’t cost a fortune.

  • Designer tips: what to toss and what to keep?

    Design trends

    If you’ve ever watched the Sex and the City, you definitely remember the iconic TAKE or TOSS scene, don’t you?
    Interior design trends are no different: they change and develop almost as quickly as fashion trends, leaving many of us with a headache: so what to toss and what to keep in 2021?
    Don’t worry, because your friends from Nordinary Home are here to help. Grab a glass of champagne if you feel like it and let’s clean up our homes.

  • Hygge, lagom, japandi, wabi-sabi

    Wabi sabi, japandi interior styles

    With the success of Pinterest and Instagram, the world had kind of shrunken down and good design became as approachable as never before: we just fell in love with the word (and design!) “scandinavian” or “nordic”, meaning there’s going to be something woody, cosy, homy and high quality. After the huge success of the Hygge – a beautiful cosy clutter – more sophisticated nordic styles emerged, giving people many ways and ideas to design their homes.

  • 2021, the year of attention to your home

    Camaleonda sofa

    Truth is, things around interior design do not change as quickly as it may seem. Sure, sometimes it feels like it – but it’s just the echo of a fast moving world, as the biggest fashion brands need to change their “home” section every half a year. And that’s about it.
    All the rest of us may relax and enjoy one of a few good things the terrible 2020 gave us: attention to our homes.