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Designer tips: what to toss and what to keep?

Apr, 18, 2021
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If you’ve ever watched the Sex and the City, you definitely remember the iconic TAKE or TOSS scene, don’t you? 

Source: Sex and the City

Interior design trends are no different: they change and develop almost as quickly as fashion trends, leaving many of us with a headache: so what to toss and what to keep in 2021?

Don’t worry, because your friends from Nordinary Home are here to help. Grab a glass of champagne if you feel like it and let’s clean up our homes. 

  1. Definitely TOSS: human figure vases. 

Human body has been an inspiration for many artists throughout centuries. However, too obvious is probably never beautiful and way too complicated to mix with other decorative items. I feel that this is one of those “cool” moment trends: nice to look at in the beginning but very quick to get bored of. Buy it only if you are ???? sure it will fit your home. Or if you really really, I mean really, love it – as this is the most important trend of all. 

What to KEEP instead? 

We encourage you to invest in more subtle vases with only a little resemblance to the human body. Search for something with soft and round edges, vases or bowls on legs, non-symmetrical designs. If you are still looking for something obvious – surreal is always better than fake real. 

2. Definitely TOSS: trendy unknown “art” pieces 

We write “art” in quotes on purpose, because some trends (one line paintings, abstract art) just went too far – they look either ridiculous (it would just be better to paint something yourself or ask your kids) or are obvious copies of famous artists. This might look ok if you’d like to cosy up a rental apartment or student housing, but would definitely make many other interiors look cheap and tasteless. 

What to KEEP instead? 

Let’s leave the High Culture Art for collectors and talk real: how to show some loving to your walls within a budget? We give you three answers: posters, local artists (from your homeland or abroad) and… yourself 🙂 

Exhibition posters, artist posters, movie posters – they all might show your personality, things you find beautiful or your preferences in music and movies. This way is more personal – you may mix posters with your own photographs or something you find nostalgic and important ( framed first date movie tickets? invitations to your wedding day? your favorite poem or song typed in beautiful font? ). 

Supporting local artists or artisans is also a good decision. It might be a unique, handmade piece made with Indian ink or a poster of the local  rising artist from your country. Artists often make a limited edition of their reproductions or prints, all signed and calculated – so you might even start your own little art collection! Why not? One of the most famous collectors – Herb and Dorothy Vogel – were a postal worker and a librarian all their lives. Feeling challenged? 

3. Definitely TOSS: anything faux marble 

 Marble indeed has always been the most imitated stone in the world – probably because of its beautiful lines and classy look (oh you, beautiful Carrara…). While it might be understandable to use faux for tiles or countertops, people went way too far with marble-like wallpapers, pillows, clocks, cups, objects. Time to say a big fat NO to all this plaster rubbish and invite something more REAL to your home. 

What to KEEP instead? 

Faux marble countertops or tiles – definitely yes, if you’ve remodeled your house recently. We encourage you to be sustainable and wise about big interior decisions.

However, take a deep breath and try to look for real stones: they are heavy, unique and will definitely bring some sophistication and elegance to your home. Sure, real marble is more expensive, but it will never ever go out of fashion. 

4. Don’t TOSS, but also don’t buy more: strangely shaped very trendy candles

Don’t get us wrong – we love creativity and we love that people try to discover something fun, different, trendy-looking. We encourage all sorts of designs, small businesses, things that make people feel better. 

But let’s talk about basics: do you actually need one more sculptural candle if you don’t have a long-lasting, all-interior-fitting, strong and durable candle holder for the very basic needs (to light up your dinner table, to create a mood, something as a centerpiece for celebrations)? 

What to KEEP instead? 

Leave some sculptural pieces for special occasions or fun and go to look for high quality candleholders! Also –  don’t forget other means of creating atmosphere: burning palo santo, incense, frankincense resin. You’re gonna need some practical dishes for that as well. 

4. Definitely TOSS: artificial plants and plastic pots. 

I’m from plastic, it’s fantastic… NOT. Especially because real plants are the ones that clean your air while plastic things only gather more dust. Even though some very natural looking artificial plants are now made from silicone, it is still not for home and will never be. While there are places  not suitable for real plants such as basements, pools, other areas with no natural light, everything else is just not negotiable – toss it! 

What to KEEP instead? 

Real plants, of course, in ceramic or glass pots (which not only last longer and are recyclable but also look valuable and precious). Do not know how to take care of green leafy creatures? Good that a trend of dry flowers and grasses has come around! Just don’t forget that a good vase makes a huge difference! 

5. Definitely TOSS: decorative signs with words, quotes and slogans 

Home is where your heart is… Oh, do I remember this trend! There are still so many department stores and one dollar stores and other crappy stores selling those. I wish they would just stop because all houses start to look exactly the same. While creating a “words wall” is not necessarily a bad thing,, the repetitiveness and lack of creativity would not make your interior stand out. Type and print the words of your favourite songs or a poem instead! 

What to KEEP instead? 

Rather than welcoming guests (and yourself!) with banal phrases carved in wood, I’d focus on creating an inviting atmosphere: an eye catching rug, beautiful vase, unseen art pieces and interesting books. Those are the things that make your home yours! 

What would you add to our TOSS and KEEP list? Let us know in comments below!


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Nordinary Home

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